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  3. Thank you! and thank you for sending the link. Appreciate it.
  4. Looks like Hemi Head bold italic
  5. noted. thanks alot mate for the explainations
  6. Original date. And build time is NOT packet version. Packet version is original client name. For example 2018-06-21aRagexeRE.exe mean packet version 20180621 and RE client.
  7. If i dont disable this, then my packet version date should follow this dummy date or original client date?
  8. Better not disable this patch. This patch hiding client version from everyone. You should disable it only if using some client extensions what working based on build time stamp only for example paint it black.
  9. I appreciate it bro. I've talked to stolao on discord and he did mention that some are hard coded in as well. I'm just gonna stay away from directional skill effects for now.
  10. Do you guys have any idea what font used in the word Brasil? Thank you!!
  11. Btw here's the tutorial the helped me add my ssl on my apache YoutubeVideo Another tutorial Thanks!!
  12. So for the godaddy user with different hosting like mine, I am using an apache for my fluxcp What I did was, Added a new "A" record, + my IP and then 600 TTL. All you have to do now is to wait, hope it helps!!!
  13. @Gigo The presence of a supported "dinput.dll" in the game folder.
  14. @NarutoAfter casting Storm Gust while Land Protector is placed on the ground and another Land protector is cast (burning the first Land protector) the Storm gust should do damage after the second Land Protector is placed, but Storm Gust it’s not doing any damage. This is the issue. Does anyone have a fix for that?
  15. wanna know what makes this window apear or not, "Ro Ext" any ideas?
  16. Yesterday
  17. its all client side, if you decompiled it and looked youd probably see something relevant for example when star gladiator and soul reaper were released we didnt have the stuff right? But as soon as we start adding the IDS belonging to those skills, the effects are linked to the ID I used them as "Ammo" often, because of the way you can share certain effects... Forexample.. hammer fall? Its a PLACE skill, with an ANIMATION, AND IT SHAKES THE SCREEN... this made a good grenade for me and i would just change the element Also things like throw shuriken and venom knife ARE NOT linked to any effect, but actually their ITEM BMP ( you see the hot bar? Try changing that sprite ) yeah the documents effect_list is very out dated.... I dont have it anymore but you can go through the effects using @effect from whereever you are and add a description to it, not working effects should be because they have special coding within the client
  18. I recommend using a bg pvp script, this script I think replaces @duel.
  19. I need help with this NPC. He can usually identify the status of the mvps when they die, however, after a while the status of the mvps will turn green again as if the mvps were alive. The idea would be to monitor in real time whether the mvp is alive or dead Thanks in advance!
  20. thanks, I managed to fix it. is it possible to make this script active only by GM? selecting the two players for the duel?
  21. // Map set .duel_map$,"map"; // Coordinates set .duel_xy$, "x,y,"+ // x,y first player "x,y"; // x,y second player map mapflag pvp map mapflag pvp_nocalcrank map mapflag noreturn map mapflag nowarp map mapflag nocommand 99 map mapflag nowarpto map mapflag nosave SavePoint map malflag nomemo map mapflag notrade map mapflag nodrop map mapflag nobranch map mapflag nochat map mapflag novending You need to define this.
  22. no it should be like this case MY_SKILL: skill_attack(bf_weapon,src,bl....RK_SONICWAVE It shouldnt be shouting the old skill you used, and this i what i mean by using OLD iro skills as ammo, some of them can only be modified this way to maintain the same behaviors
  23. Hello everyone, I wanted to tell you that today I have updated some files and when compiling it shows me the following error. Could someone please tell me how to fix the utilities.cpp file? Thank you.
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