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Lapine DdukDdak and Lapine Upgrade

Donation Goal: $20.00


Implementation of Lapine UI features, DdukDdak (just call it Synthesis!!) and Upgrade, features from 2016 lying under LapineDdukDdakBox.lub and LapineUpgradeBox.lub. But for this features, only will be added for client (after) 2018-06-20e RagexeRE, also tested by using 2018-06-21a RagexeRE.

$20 is not the real goal, it's juts a number that I wll donate to rAthena when this crowdfunding project is reached its goal (which will be deducted from my account credits). So, don't need to donate here, it won't be counted in crowdfunding. I repeat, do not hit the donate button on this page.

The crowdfunding detail is posted on my web page: Lapine DdukDdak and Lapine Upgrade. The goal progress will updated after payment is completed (payment methods are written there & instructions will be told). Paypal, and Indonesian payment methods (Bank transfer, GoPay, OVO) are available.

Current Donation Goals

  • Raised $60.00 of $20.00 target
  • Upvote 3
  • Love 2
  • MVP 3

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