EXPIRED Equipment Switch Feature


This awesome feature can be on your server soon! 😉

Keep in mind most of this money will run into my pocket, so if you ever wanted to buy me a coffee or beer for one of my releases, here's your chance. 😛


Since I have been asked already. This feature is available for clients 2017-02-08RagexeRE or later.

Another edit:

Since this might have been unclear. This is not to get me working on this feature, but to release it. I have already completed it and it is ready for release. And it will be released as the goal has been completed. 😉

Yet another edit:

Since the community seems like they do not want the feature yet I extended the goal until January. Just to make things clear: I will not sell this system in private. If you want it donate the amount you want to pay for it to the goal and you will get it sooner. Funny side fact: I got a few PMs that offered me more money from a single person than what is currently in the donation pot. 😅

And here comes my final edit:

I have decided to decrease the target value, since it is really getting on my nerves seriously. I got another request who wanted to buy the feature for 500$ for his server and the community cannot build this up in more than 2 months now.
To make things clear the feature is only going to be released if the donation goal is reached.
If you want to comment anything on this, please use this thread:


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