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  2. mga bossing, baka nman meron kayo guide para ma apply tong feature na to sa rathena master https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/5731 baka pwede po pa share. thanks!
  3. function script CustomBox { setarray .i1[1],12221,12263,14765,12211; // Common Items set .i1rand,rand(1,4); // Randomize Common Items; just change max amount if you add items setarray .i2[1],12216,12215; // Rare Items set .i2rand,rand(1,2); // Randomize Rare Items; just change max amount if you add items setarray .i3[1],12412,677; // Super Rare Items set .i3rand,rand(1,2); //Randomize Super Rare Items; just change max amount if you add items set .chance, rand(100); // Super Rare Item 3% if (.chance < 3){ getitem .i3[.i3rand],1; announce "["+strcharinfo(0)+"] won a ["+getitemname(.i3[.i3rand])+"] from the Lucky Egg.",0; end; } // Rare Item 15% else if (.chance < 15){ getitem .i2[.i2rand],1; announce "["+strcharinfo(0)+"] won a ["+getitemname(.i2[.i2rand])+"] from the Lucky Egg.",0; end; } // Common Items else { getitem .i1[.i1rand],1; end; } }
  4. ung random item lalabas sa egg tapos by % ang chance of winning ng epic / rare / normal costumes .. bka naman mga lods
  5. haha saan banda po? pwde makita Clientinfo mo sir?
  6. na fix ko na ung akin boss haha etong line pala ung dpat sa clientinfo <enforce_login_address_on_char_and_map>true</enforce_login_address_on_char_and_map>
  7. sakin 2018117 then after login fatal error
  8. kailangan ko lang ung NPC ng coupons. wala na kasi ung link ayaw na gumana nito : http://rathena.org/board/topic/63332-coupon-npc-112/ baka tanda niyo pa. salamat!
  9. Question lang po sa mga gumagamit ng andro sa mobile working po ba ang 20180418 Client? ganto ung error nya after mag login Thanks in advance :)))
  10. already did open those ports same p din sir e bkt kaya walang error pero hindi nakakapasok
  11. im using only for offline sir kelangan po ba?
  12. pa help naman po how to fix this wala kasing error ayaw pumasok hanggang login server lng
  13. Good Day mga sir. Pre-re kasi settings ng server ko. gusto ko sana ung thanatos card effect is ung sa renewal po. pa guide po sana papano gagawin.
  14. Kung wala pa kayo server na lalaruin at gusto muna tumambay para ma test ang mga builds niyo or gusto niyo lang pumugo sa pvp para matanggal ang stress niyo sa buhay, tambay kayo sa test server ko hehe Pre-Re Mechanics Exp: x10000 Job: x10000 Drops (all): 100% Warper, Job changer, Healer, PvP warper (nasa turbo_room lahat) Website: http://riouragnarok.online Cpanel: http://riouragnarok.online/fluxcp Singapore based ang server so pwede sa south-east asian players Notes: Gumamit ng fake email at maglagay ng password na hindi niyo ginagamit sa private accounts niyo like facebook/email/etc. Ito ay balak kong i-host nang pang matagalan hangga't may interest pa ako sa pagaaral maging dev ng RO. (server live @02-16-2021) Kung may request, feedback or bugs kayo paki PM nalang ako dito at i-ttry kong resolve kaagad. Download links: Latest kRO (required): Download here Lite client Download here Maraming salamat po! To admins, kung bawal po mag advertise dito ng server pakitanggal nalang po. Test server lang naman po ito, pero kayo po mag decide and I will oblige. Salamat po.
  15. Salamat boss! Follow up question, Madali lang ba mag bura ng storage items same goes sa rodex ng mga players using txt file nila or it will take time? and ano pong text file/logs para makita yung mga dineal ng player na items sa ibang players. Thank you in advance!
  16. Go to your log database under atcommand logs table
  17. May text file ba or logs para makita yung mga commands na iniinput ng GM ingame? If meron what is it called? Thanks in advance!
  18. Advice naman boss sa pag tatayo ng server if ever
  19. Thank you boss, malaki ba pinagkaiba ng rAthena sa Herc?
  20. Sa herc ka magtanung kung panu rAthena to boss
  21. Patulong naman po paano mag add ng custom map sa Ragnarok Herc Offline, nag aaral palang po ako mag Dev, sana may makatulong, Thank you lablab
  22. hi sir here is the full script //===== eAthena Script ======================================= //= Hunter Job Quest //===== By: ================================================== //= EREMES THE CANIVALIZER (Aegis). //= Translated by yoshiki (Aegis) //= Converted by kobra_k88 //= Further bugfixed and tested by Lupus //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.8 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= eAthena 1.0 //===== Description: ========================================= //= Hunter Job Quest converted from aegis script //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= v1.0 Fully working. //= v1.1 Changed global variable names to unique ones. //= v1.2 - 1.3 Updates for eAthena +Knight2,Crusader2 fix //= v1.4 Rollback from the wrong Kashy's fix //= v1.5 Fixed items quest fork bug [Lupus] //= v1.6 Fixed items quest bug: added extra condition [Lupus] //= v1.7 Fixed skillpoints check bug [Lupus] //= v1.8 Fixed an exploit, thanks to nonox [celest] //============================================================ // Please add this warp to your warp/s script/s if it is not already there, or you can enable it here //in_hunter.gat,100,13,0 warp hnt_to_payfild10 1,2,pay_fild10,145,250 //<================================ Guildsman: Warps you to guild =======================================>\\ pay_fild10.gat,148,251,4 script Hunter Guildsman 98,{ warp "in_hunter.gat",100,18; end; } //<====================================== Job Changer ========================================>\\ in_hunter.gat,99,99,4 script Hunter Sharon 727,{ if(Class==Job_Archer) goto L_Start; if(Class==Job_Hunter) goto L_Hunt; if(callfunc("Is_Bow_Class")) goto L_Other; if(callfunc("Is_Sword_Class")) goto L_Swo; if(callfunc("Is_Magic_Class")) goto L_Mage; if(callfunc("Is_Thief_Class")) goto L_Thf; if(callfunc("Is_Holy_Class")) goto L_Aco; if(callfunc("Is_Merc_Class")) goto L_Merc; L_Nov: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "What's a novice like you doing here? Leave, we have nothing for you."; emotion 1; close; L_Swo: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "A follower of the way of the blade! We have nothing for you here so please leave."; close; L_Mage: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Hello mage type person. If you have no business here, please leave,"; close; L_Aco: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Good day, religious zealot! It's nice to meet you and all, but you have no buisiness here."; close; L_Merc: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Hey, how's buisiness? Perhaps if you want to sell something, go back to town."; close; L_Thf: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Eeep! There's nothing to steal here!! Leave us alone..... go rob an old lady or something......"; emotion 23; close; L_Hunt: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "What up! "+strcharinfo(0)+" Why did you come back? Falcon run away or something? Te hehe."; emotion 18; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "I hope you didn't think you could get free stuff from us just because your part of our guild now......"; close; L_Other: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "What are YOU doing her? Did you come to do a little song and dance... ke.. keke....kekekeHahahahhaha!!!"; emotion 18; close; L_Start: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; if(HNTR_Q == 1) goto L_Test2; if(HNTR_Q == 2) goto L_Test3; if(HNTR_Q == 3) goto L_Change; if(HNTR_Q2 == 1) goto L_ReTest; mes "Hey archer!! Hmmm....... You look like you've trained pretty hard.... I take it you're here to be a hunter!"; next; menu "Of course!",M_0, "What are the requirements",M_1, "Not right now.",M_End; M_0: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Heh, I knew it. First fill out this application form."; next; mes "(you fill out the form and hand it back)"; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; if(JobLevel < 40) goto sL_LowLvl; if(JobLevel == 50) goto sL_HighLvl; set JBLVL, 40; mes "Looks good. Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Sharon, nice to meet you."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Before I explain the process of becoming a Hunter, I'd like to do a short interview with you."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Do you want to do the interview now?"; next; menu "Yeah, let's begin.",L_Test, "Nah, I'll come back in a bit.",M_End; sL_LowLvl: mes "Hmm... It looks like you'll need more training. To become a Hunter, you will have to have a great amount of experience."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Having a ^5533FFjob level of 40^000000 is what is required of all Hunter candidates. Please continue your training and good luck."; close; sL_HighLvl: mes "Well, well now! A high level archer.... very nice! You must have trained really hard."; emotion 5; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "My name is Sharon, nice to meet you. Before I explain the process of becoming a Hunter, I'd like to do a short interview with you."; next; set JBLVL, 50; goto L_Test; M_1: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "The requirements?"; mes "1. Be a archer"; mes "2. Have a job level of at least 40"; mes "3. Pass all of the tests"; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "If you trained hard enough, you shouldn't have any problems becoming a Hunter."; close; M_End: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Ok, I'll see you later."; close; L_ReTest: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Hmm.. what's this? So you wanna do the interview again? Very well. Hopefully you'll do better this time."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Okay, let's start!"; next; L_Test: set @score, 0; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "I'm going to ask you some simple questions to get a feel for who you are and why you want to become a Hunter."; mes "Relax and answer the questions honestly and thoughtfully."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "You've been an training for a while, and now you're running out of ideas about where to go hunt. What should you do?"; next; menu "Walk around screaming, 'Where should i go hunt!?'",M_1b, "Ask someone politely.",-, "Just explore.",-; set @score, @score + 10; M_1b: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Okay, so you picked your hunting spot! You plan to go to the Sograt Desert to hunt Hodes."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "But you're in Payon! How do you get to the desert?"; next; menu "Go beg priests for warps",M_2b, "Kafra warp",-, "Walk there with a friend",-; set @score, @score + 10; M_2b: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "There are no priests around, all your friends are busy, and you don't have enough money for a kafra warp."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "How do you get the money?"; next; menu "Beg",M_3b, "Sell useless items",-, "Go hunting in a nearby field",-; set @score, @score + 10; M_3b: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "You somehow get to the desert, but now you feel too weak to hunt hodes."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "What do you do now??"; next; menu "Go cliff hunting.",M_4b, "Go rest at Morroc.",-, "Start shooting the hodes that other people are attacking.",M_4b; set @score, @score + 10; M_4b: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "It's too much, you can't do it. You go to Morroc."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "By the time you return to town, you have no hp left, but you see a priest. How do you ask for a heal?"; next; menu "If it's ok, can i have a heal please?",-, "Heal please.",M_5b, "heal plz",M_5b; set @score, @score + 10; M_5b: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "While hunting, you find a rare item. You go to the market to sell it, and find lots of people and chat rooms."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "What do you do to sell the item quicker?"; next; menu "Go into preexisting chat rooms and ask",M_6b, "Make your own chat room.",-, "See if anyone is buying.",-; set @score, @score + 10; M_6b: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "After a while, a person starts to beg you. What do you do?"; next; menu "Give some items and money",M_7b, "Ignore that person",M_7b, "Tell them where to level and make money.",-; set @score, @score + 10; M_7b: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "You decide to go hunting in the woods."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "But you find someone who's lost. What do you do?"; next; menu "Give him/her directions.",-, "Personally escort him/her.",-, "Ignore that person.",M_8b; set @score, @score + 10; M_8b: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "You take the person to a safe place and resume hunting. While hunting, you see someone fighting a mvp!"; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "What do you do?"; next; menu "Watch and attack if asked for help.",-, "Start attacking.",M_9b, "Return to town in panic.",M_9b; set @score, @score + 10; M_9b: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Now you're done hunting for the day."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "You find a rare item on the street while going back to town. What do you do?"; next; menu "Finders keepers.",M_10b, "Try to find owner.",-, "Walk past it.",-; set @score, @score + 10; M_10b: L_Score: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Now we're done!!"; next; if(@score < 90) goto sL_Failed; if(@score < 100) goto sL_90; sL_100: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Great! Based on the answers you gave, you seem to be just the type of person we're looking for."; emotion 21; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "With your kind of additude and values, you should have no problems becoming a Hunter."; next; goto L_Test2; sL_90: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "You didn't do as well as I hoped, but I'll pass you.... Though I don't know what the guild master will think of you...."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Work hard on the next test. Make Sharon happy, okies?"; next; goto L_Test2; sL_Failed: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "I.......don't think I can pass you..... The way you live your life is...... well... unexecptable for a Hunter candidate."; emotion 4; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Think carefully about my questions and your answers. Working well with people is just as important as loving nature."; set HNTR_Q2, 1; close; L_Test2: mes "What you have to do next is go see ^5533FFMr. Demon Hunter^000000 over there to my left. He'll tell you about the second test."; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Good luck!"; set HNTR_Q, 1; set HNTR_Q2, 0; close; L_Test3: mes "Hmmm? The guild master? Oh, he's out right now."; emotion 20; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "If I remember correctly, he should be somewhere in Archer Village. I think he had to talk with someone in the ^5533FFArcher Guild^000000."; close; L_Change: if(skillpoint > 0) goto sL_SkPoints; if(countitem(1007) < 1) goto sL_NotRdy; mes "Huh? Did you pass the test?"; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Congratulations!!"; emotion 21; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Now I can change you into a Hunter!"; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "There you go! You look great in the hunter outfit"; jobchange Job_HUNTER; emotion 21; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Now, for working so hard, the guild has a small reward for you."; if(JBLVL == 50) getitem 1718, 1; if(JBLVL == 40) getitem 1710, 1; callfunc "F_ClearJobVar"; // clears all job variables for the current player next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Do all of us here a favor, act responsibly, and love and respect nature! Good luck on your journey and remember you are always welcome here!"; next; close; sL_SkPoints: mes "You still have skill points left over. Speak with me after you've used them up."; close; sL_NotRdy: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Hmmm, I received news of your success.... But you don't seem to have the ^5533FFNecklace of Wisdom^000000 as proof."; emotion 20; next; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "You will need the Necklace of Wisdom to become a Hunter. If you don't have it you will have to start the test over."; next; menu "Um... I've got it.... somewhere....",-, "Heh heh.... I must have misplaced it.....",sM_ReStart; mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "Well then go get it!"; emotion 6; close; sM_ReStart: mes "[Hunter Sharon]"; mes "..... That's just pathetic....... Have fun re-doing the ENTIRE TEST!"; emotion 32; set HNTR_Q, 0; set HNTR_Q2, 0; close; } //<=========================== Demon Hunter: Second Test ===============================>\\ in_hunter.gat,55,99,7 script Demon Hunter 732,{ if(Class == Job_Archer) goto L_Arc; if(Class == Job_Hunter) goto L_Hnt; L_Other: mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "They call me the Demon Hunter. What's that? You want to know why I'm called that?......"; next; mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "heh... heh.... heh....."; next; mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "For your safety... it's best that you DON'T find out....."; emotion 29; close; L_Hnt: mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "Look at you! Nice and spiffy in that Hunter's outfit. How does it feel? Good I bet. Well good luck to you."; emotion 0; close; L_Arc: mes "[Demon Hunter]"; if(HNTR_Q == 1 && HNTR_Q2 > 0) goto L_Check; //Fixed [Lupus] if(HNTR_Q == 1) goto L_Start; if(HNTR_Q == 2) goto L_Test3; if(HNTR_Q == 3) goto L_Done; mes "You'll have to speak with ^5533FFHunter Sharon^000000 first, if you want to become a hunter."; close; L_Start: mes "Hello, I'm the test examiner they call the Demon Hunter. Is ^5566FF"+strcharinfo(0)+"^000000 your name?"; next; menu "Yes",M_Yes, "Uhhh.... no",M_No; M_Yes: mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "Good. Because we make the arrows used during some of the tests, we also need the materials to make those arrows."; next; mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "If you haven't noticed already, our guild is NOT as wealthy as some of the others. I mean we're in the middle of the freaking forest for pete sake...."; emotion 7; next; mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "Ehem... Like I was saying earlier we need certain materials to make our arrows. That is where Hunter wanna be's like you come in handy."; mes "For this test you will have to gather the materials needed for making our arrows."; next; mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "Let's see... the items you need to gather are....."; next; set HNTR_Q2, rand(1,5); if(HNTR_Q2 == 2) goto sL_2; if(HNTR_Q2 == 3) goto sL_3; if(HNTR_Q2 == 4) goto sL_4; if(HNTR_Q2 == 5) goto sL_5; sL_1: mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "^5533FF20 Bill of Birds^000000 for arrow heads."; mes "^5533FF5 Skel-Bones^000000 used here and there."; mes "and ^5533FF20 green herbs^000000."; goto L_Cont; sL_2: mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "^5533FF7 Venom Canine."; mes "20 Animal Skins."; mes "and 15 red herbs^000000."; goto L_Cont; sL_3: mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "^5533FF3 Dokaebi Horns"; mes "3 Pieces of Egg Shell."; mes "and 10 Feathers^000000."; goto L_Cont; sL_4: mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "^5533FF20 Rainbow Shells"; mes "20 Chrysalis"; mes "9 Yellow Herbs^000000"; goto L_Cont; sL_5: mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "^5533FF20 Tooths of Bat."; mes "20 Sticky Mucus."; mes "and 5 Bears foot skin^000000"; L_Cont: next; mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "When you get all of the items return!"; close; M_No: mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "Stop playing around "+strcharinfo(0)+", that's your name, right?"; menu "Yes",M_Yes, "uhhh no",sM_End; sM_End: mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "DON'T you mess around with me! If you're gonna fool around then LEAVE!"; emotion 32; warp "pay_fild10.gat", 133, 235; end; L_Check: mes "Yes?"; next; if(HNTR_Q2 == 1) goto L_1; if(HNTR_Q2 == 2) goto L_2; if(HNTR_Q2 == 3) goto L_3; if(HNTR_Q2 == 4) goto L_4; if(HNTR_Q2 == 5) goto L_5; L_1: if(countitem(925)<20 || countitem(932)<5 || countitem(511)<20) goto sL_1; delitem 925, 20; delitem 932, 5; delitem 511, 20; goto L_End; L_2: if(countitem(937)<7 || countitem(919)<20 || countitem(507)<15) goto sL_2; delitem 937, 7; delitem 919, 20; delitem 507, 15; goto L_End; L_3: if(countitem(1021)<3 || countitem(7032)<3 || countitem(949)<10) goto sL_3; delitem 1021, 3; delitem 7032, 3; delitem 949, 10; goto L_End; L_4: if(countitem(1013)<20 || countitem(915)<20 || countitem(508)<9) goto sL_4; delitem 1013, 20; delitem 915, 20; delitem 508, 9; goto L_End; L_5: if(countitem(913)<20 || countitem(938)<20 || countitem(948)<5) goto sL_5; delitem 913, 20; delitem 938, 20; delitem 948, 5; L_End: mes "[Demon Hunter]"; mes "Good job. You brought all the necesarry items. Now go find the ^5533FFGuild Master^000000."; mes "I think he's somewhere in the ^5533FFArcher Guild^000000. He'll give you your final test. Good luck."; set HNTR_Q, 2; set HNTR_Q2, 0; close; L_Test3: mes "Huh? Can't you find the guild master? He should be in the ^5533FFArcher Guild in Archer village^000000. Go find him."; emotion 20; close; L_Done: mes "Ah, you passed the test! Congrats, go see Sharin now."; close; } //<=============================== Guild Master: Last Test =================================>\\ payon_in02.gat,21,31,1 script Guild Master 59,{ if(Class == Job_Archer) goto L_Archer; if(Class == Job_Hunter) goto L_Hnt; L_Other: mes "[Hunter]"; mes "Is there something you want of me? I'm have some buisiness to take care of, so please be quiet."; emotion 20; close; L_Hnt: mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "Ah, it's you again, "+strcharinfo(0)+"! Good to see you're well. Me? I'm still busy as usual."; next; mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "Well I've gota get back to work. Stay safe."; close; L_Archer: mes "[Guild Master]"; if(HNTR_Q == 1) goto L_Test2; if(HNTR_Q == 2) goto L_Start; if(HNTR_Q == 3) goto L_Done; mes "You want to be a hunter bad, don't you? In my days, I worked for over a month to become a hunter, hehe."; next; mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "If you don't have anything else I suggest you go back to the guild!"; close; L_Start: if(HNTR_Q2 == 1) goto L_ReTest; if(HNTR_Q2 == 2) goto L_Passed; mes "So, you've come to take the test? I see.... well then, do you have any questions before we get started?"; M_Menu: next; menu "What's the test about?",M_0, "Anything I should know?",M_1, "Start the test.",M_Start; M_0: mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "This is a test of speed, agility, and target recogniton. You will be warped to a room full of monsters."; mes "You will have to ^5533FFkill 4^000000 of those monsters but not just any 4. You will need to kill the ones called, ^5533FFJob Change Monster^000000."; next; mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "Kill the wrong one and you will fail the test. To make things even harder, we have set traps all over the room."; mes "Stepping on a trap will also result in failure."; next; mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "One more important note.... You must complete the test within ^FF55333 minutes^000000."; next; mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "This will teach you the important abilities a hunter needs, mobilitiy and tracking."; goto M_Menu; M_1: mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "Only one person can take the test at time. If someone is currently taking the test, just enter the chat room and wait."; mes "You will automatically be warped to the testing room when the other player either finishes or fails."; next; mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "Make sure you aim carefully. There will be a lot of monsters and you don't want to hit the wrong one."; mes "Keeping track of the monsters' names will be very important in this test."; next; mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "And ALWAYS watch your step! There are traps everywhere!"; goto M_Menu; M_Start: if (countitem(1751) <= 5) callsub sF_GetArrows; mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "Good luck, I'll send you to the test room now."; next; set HNTR_Q2, 1; savepoint "payon_in02.gat", 16, 26; warp "job_hunte.gat", 176, 22; end; sF_GetArrows: mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "This is where your hard work in the 2nd test payed off. Here are some arrows, made with the items you collected."; getitem 1751, 200; next; return; L_ReTest: mes "Ah, you're one of the archers that failed. Here, let me heal you wounds..."; next; mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "You're ready right?"; percentheal 100,100; goto M_Menu; L_Passed: mes "I see you suceeded. Great job! Now I will give you the proof of your success, the ^5533FFNecklace of Wisdom^000000."; emotion 21; next; mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "Here you go. Make sure you show this to Hunter Sharon or you WON'T be able to become a Hunter."; getitem 1007,1; next; mes "[Guild Master]"; mes "Anyway, I've got some work left to do here so I'll see you later."; set HNTR_Q, 3; set HNTR_Q2, 0; close; L_Test2: mes "Yes? What would a archer want from me? The guild didn't send me a msg about you."; mes "Did you talk to the guild recruiters and get all the items needed? You have to get them the items first."; close; L_Done: mes "Hmm? What is it? Don't waste your time here, go on and become a Hunter already...."; close; } // Test Guide ==================================================== job_hunte.gat,178,32,5 script Hunter Test Guide::HntTG 107,{ L_Start: mes "[Test Guide]"; mes "Welcome to the Hunter's testing arena."; next; menu "Take the test.",-, "I changed my mind.",M_End; mes "[Test Guide]"; mes "Please enter the waiting room after hearing my explaination."; next; mes "[Test Guide]"; mes "You will be warped into room with traps and monsters. Avoid the traps and kill the monsters. Once you do, a switch will appear"; next; mes "[Test Guide]"; mes "Use the switch to open an exit out of the arena. You will have 3 minutes to complete the test."; next; mes "[Test Guide]"; mes "If you get knocked out, get caught in a trap, or run out of time, you will fail the test and have to start over again."; next; mes "[Test Guide]"; mes "Don't worry about arrows, we'll provide them. So, if you're ready, go to the waiting room."; close; M_End: mes "[Test Guide]"; mes "Alright, I'll send you back to Payon. Hopefully I'll see you again later. Don't forget to save!"; warp "payon_in02.gat", 16, 26; end; OnInit: waitingroom "Hunter Test Waiting Room", 8,"HntTG::OnStart",1; end; OnStart: set [email protected], getareausers("job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143); if ([email protected] > 0) end; // stops the rest of the script from running if there is somebody taking the test if ((getwaitingroomstate(33)) == 0) end; // stops the rest of the script from running if there is no one in the waiting room killmonsterall "job_hunte.gat"; warpwaitingpc "job_hunte.gat", 90, 67; donpcevent "Ev_HntRm"; end; } // Ev_HntRm: Test room -------------------------------------------------------- job_hunte.gat,1,1,1 script Ev_HntRm -1,{ disablenpc "SwitchHnt"; disablenpc "ExitHnt"; set [email protected], 4; // Real Monsters monster "job_hunte.gat",67,80,"Job Change Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm::OnMyMobDead1"; monster "job_hunte.gat",114,78,"Job Change Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm::OnMyMobDead1"; monster "job_hunte.gat",89,127,"Job Change Monster",1002,1,"Ev_HntRm::OnMyMobDead1"; monster "job_hunte.gat",53,73,"Job Change Monster",1041,1,"Ev_HntRm::OnMyMobDead1"; monster "job_hunte.gat",125,70,"Job Change Monster",1016,1,"Ev_HntRm::OnMyMobDead1"; monster "job_hunte.gat",90,92,"Job Change Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm::OnMyMobDead1"; donpcevent "Ev_HntRm2"; initnpctimer "TimerHnt"; end; OnMyMobDead1: set [email protected], [email protected] - 1; if([email protected] != 0) end; stopnpctimer "TimerHnt"; killmonsterall "job_hunte.gat"; enablenpc "SwitchHnt"; areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: Great job! Go use the switch now!",8; end; } // Ev_HntRm2: Spawns the Decoy Monsters ---------------------------------------- job_hunte.gat,1,1,1 script Ev_HntRm2 -1,{ // Decoy Monsters monster "job_hunte.gat",85,100,"Test Monster",1016,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",72,102,"Test Monster",1041,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",108,103,"Test Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",88,127,"Test Monster",1002,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",125,69,"Test Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat", 77, 112,"Test Monster",1016,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",53, 106,"Test Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",53, 73,"Test Monster",1002,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",125, 70,"Test Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",90, 91,"Test Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",67, 80,"Test Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",77, 112,"Test Monster",1016,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",53, 106,"Test Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",53, 73,"Test Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",125, 70,"Test Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",90, 91,"Test Monster",1041,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",85, 100,"Test Monster",1002,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",72, 102,"Test Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",108, 103,"Test Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",77, 112,"Test Monster",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",112, 139,"Vinnie Paul",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",112, 139,"Dimeback Darrel",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",112, 139,"Rex",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",112, 139,"Phillip Angelmo",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",90, 91,"Anolian",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",53, 73,"monster sample",1002,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",53, 106,"I'm not the one you want >_>",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",77, 112,"SPARE ME~",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",72, 102,"Don't hurt me!",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; monster "job_hunte.gat",108, 103,"aspd 184",1015,1,"Ev_HntRm2::OnMyMobDead2"; end; OnMyMobDead2: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: You killed the wrong monster! You have failed the test!",8; addtimer 3000, "TimerHnt::OnTimer196000"; end; } // Test Timer ----------------------------------------------------------------- job_hunte.gat,1,1,1 script TimerHnt -1,{ OnTimer500: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: Remember, you need to kill the 'Job Change Monsters'!",8; end; OnTimer4000: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: Don't forget to AVOID the TRAPS!!!",8; end; OnTimer10000: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: ******The clock will start now! 3 minutes left! ****** ",8; donpcevent "HntTG::OnStart"; end; OnTimer40000: donpcevent "HntTG::OnStart"; end; OnTimer70000: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: ****** 2 minutes left! ****** ",8; donpcevent "HntTG::OnStart"; end; OnTimer100000: donpcevent "HntTG::OnStart"; end; OnTimer130000: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: ****** 1 minute left! ****** ",8; donpcevent "HntTG::OnStart"; end; OnTimer160000: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: ****** 30 sec left! ****** ",8; donpcevent "HntTG::OnStart"; end; OnTimer185000: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: 5 . . . .",8; donpcevent "HntTG::OnStart"; end; OnTimer186000: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: 4. . . .",8; end; OnTimer187000: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: 3. . .",8; end; OnTimer188000: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: 2. .",8; end; OnTimer189000: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: 1...",8; end; OnTimer190000: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: 0! ",8; end; OnTimer193000: areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: You ran out of time! You can challenge again later!.",8; end; OnTimer196000: stopnpctimer; areawarp "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "payon_in02.gat", 16, 26; killmonsterall "job_hunte.gat"; donpcevent "HntTG::OnStart"; end; } // SwitchHnt ------------------------------------------------------ job_hunte.gat,93,101,1 script SwitchHnt 723,{ areaannounce "job_hunte.gat", 50, 64, 123, 143, "[Test Guide]: *** The exit has been activated! You have 30 sec. to find the exit!! *** ",8; enablenpc "ExitHnt"; addtimer 30000, "TimerHnt::OnTimer196000"; close; } // ExitHnt ----------------------------------------------------------- job_hunte.gat,89,139,1 script ExitHnt 45,2,2,{ deltimer "TimerHnt::OnTimer196000"; set HNTR_Q2, 2; warp "payon_in02.gat", 16, 26; killmonsterall "job_hunte.gat"; donpcevent "HntTG::OnStart"; end; } // Hunter Test Traps ======================================= job_hunte.gat,52,140,1 script 1-1::HntTrap 139,0,1,{ stopnpctimer "TimerHnt"; warp "payon_in02.gat", 16, 26; killmonsterall "job_hunte.gat"; donpcevent "HntTG::OnStart"; end; } job_hunte.gat,53,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 1-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,54,141,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 1-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,55,141,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 1-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,55,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 1-5 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,54,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 1-6 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,52,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 1-7 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,53,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 1-8 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,62,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 2-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,63,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 2-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,64,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 2-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,64,141,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 2-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,65,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 2-5 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,65,141,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 2-6 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,62,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 2-7 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,63,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 2-8 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,72,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 3-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,73,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 3-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,72,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 3-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,72,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 3-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,78,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 4-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,78,141,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 4-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,79,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 4-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,79,141,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 4-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,82,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 5-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,82,139,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 5-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,83,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 5-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,83,139,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 5-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,99,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 6-1 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,99,139,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 6-2 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,101,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 6-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,101,139,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 6-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,106,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 7-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,107,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 7-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,106,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 7-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,107,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 7-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,112,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 8-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,112,141,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 8-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,113,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 8-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,113,141,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 8-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,116,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 9-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,116,141,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 9-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,117,140,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 9-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,117,141,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 9-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,120,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 10-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,120,139,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 10-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,121,138,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 10-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,121,139,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 10-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,126,139,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 11-1 139,0,2 job_hunte.gat,127,139,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 11-2 139,0,2 job_hunte.gat,126,136,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 11-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,127,136,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 11-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,52,134,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 12-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,53,134,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 12-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,52,132,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 12-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,53,132,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 12-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,124,130,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 13-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,124,131,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 13-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,125,130,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 13-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,125,131,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 13-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,64,128,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 14-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,64,129,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 14-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,65,128,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 14-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,65,129,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 14-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,68,126,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 15-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,68,127,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 15-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,69,126,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 15-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,69,127,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 15-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,75,128,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 16-1 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,75,129,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 16-2 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,77,128,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 16-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,77,129,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 16-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,82,126,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 17-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,82,127,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 17-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,83,126,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 17-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,83,127,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 17-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,96,128,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 18-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,96,129,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 18-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,97,128,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 18-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,97,129,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 18-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,100,126,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 19-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,100,127,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 19-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,101,126,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 19-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,101,127,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 19-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,106,128,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 20-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,106,129,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 20-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,107,128,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 20-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,107,129,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 20-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,112,126,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 21-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,112,127,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 21-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,113,126,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 21-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,113,127,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 21-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,126,126,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 22-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,126,127,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 22-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,127,126,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 22-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,127,127,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 22-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,52,122,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 23-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,52,122,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 23-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,53,120,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 23-3 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,54,121,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 23-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,55,121,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 23-5 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,55,120,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 23-6 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,66,120,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 24-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,66,121,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 24-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,67,120,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 24-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,67,121,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 24-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,114,118,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 25-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,114,119,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 25-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,115,118,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 25-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,115,119,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 25-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,124,120,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 26-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,125,120,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 26-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,124,118,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 26-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,125,118,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 26-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,66,116,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 27-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,66,117,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 27-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,67,116,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 27-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,67,117,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 27-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,76,114,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 28-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,76,115,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 28-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,77,114,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 28-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,77,115,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 28-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,82,116,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 29-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,82,117,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 29-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,83,116,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 29-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,83,117,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 29-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,86,114,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 30-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,86,115,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 30-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,87,114,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 30-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,87,115,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 30-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,92,115,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 31-1 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,92,114,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 31-2 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,90,115,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 31-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,102,116,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 32-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,102,117,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 32-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,103,116,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 32-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,103,117,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 32-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,114,114,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 33-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,114,115,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 33-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,115,114,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 33-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,115,115,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 33-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,54,110,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 34-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,55,110,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 34-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,54,108,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 34-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,55,108,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 34-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,64,112,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 35-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,64,113,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 35-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,65,112,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 35-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,65,113,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 35-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,80,110,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 36-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,80,111,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 36-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,81,110,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 36-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,81,111,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 36-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,90,108,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 37-1 139,0,6 job_hunte.gat,91,108,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 37-2 139,0,5 job_hunte.gat,91,102,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 37-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,98,109,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 38-1 139,0,2 job_hunte.gat,99,109,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 38-2 139,0,2 job_hunte.gat,103,109,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 38-3 139,3,0 job_hunte.gat,103,108,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 38-4 139,3,0 job_hunte.gat,97,106,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 39-1 139,2,0 job_hunte.gat,96,107,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 39-2 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,94,108,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 39-3 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,95,109,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 39-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,95,108,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 40-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,94,106,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 40-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,96,102,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 40-3 139,0,3 job_hunte.gat,97,102,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 40-4 139,0,3 job_hunte.gat,95,98,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 41-1 139,2,0 job_hunte.gat,94,99,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 42-1 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,92,98,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 43-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,112,110,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 44-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,112,111,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 44-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,113,110,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 44-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,113,111,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 44-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,126,108,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 45-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,127,108,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 45-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,126,106,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 45-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,126,106,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 45-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,53,102,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 46-1 139,1,1 job_hunte.gat,55,102,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 46-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,53,100,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 46-3 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,55,100,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 46-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,64,106,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 47-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,64,107,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 47-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,65,106,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 47-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,65,107,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 47-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,66,100,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 48-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,66,101,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 48-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,67,100,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 48-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,67,101,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 48-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,86,106,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 49-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,87,106,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 49-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,82,104,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 49-3 139,5,0 job_hunte.gat,81,105,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 49-4 139,4,0 job_hunte.gat,76,105,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 50-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,76,104,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 50-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,78,101,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 50-3 139,0,2 job_hunte.gat,79,101,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 50-4 139,0,2 job_hunte.gat,76,99,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 51-1 139,10 job_hunte.gat,77,98,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 51-2 139,2,0 job_hunte.gat,74,99,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 51-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,74,98,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 51-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,82,100,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 53-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,82,101,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 53-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,83,100,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 53-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,83,101,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 53-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,106,104,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 54-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,106,105,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 54-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,107,104,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 54-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,107,105,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 54-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,112,104,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 55-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,113,104,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 55-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,112,102,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 55-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,113,102,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 55-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,54,92,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 56-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,54,93,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 56-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,55,92,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 56-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,55,93,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 56-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,52,90,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 56-5 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,52,91,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 56-6 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,53,90,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 56-7 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,53,91,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 56-8 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,64,92,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 57-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,64,93,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 57-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,65,92,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 57-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,65,93,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 57-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,76,94,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 58-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,76,95,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 58-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,77,94,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 58-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,77,95,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 58-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,78,92,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 59-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,78,93,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 59-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,79,92,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 59-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,79,93,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 59-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,86,92,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 60-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,86,93,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 60-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,87,92,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 60-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,87,93,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 60-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,90,96,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 61-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,90,97,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 61-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,91,96,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 61-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,91,97,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 61-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,99,95,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 62-1 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,99,94,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 62-2 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,101,94,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 62-3 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,100,93,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 62-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,100,92,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 63-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,101,92,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 63-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,102,98,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 64-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,102,99,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 64-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,103,98,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 64-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,103,99,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 64-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,102,90,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 65-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,102,91,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 65-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,103,90,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 65-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,103,91,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 65-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,114,96,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 66-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,114,97,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 66-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,115,96,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 66-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,115,97,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 66-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,112,90,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 67-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,112,91,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 67-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,113,90,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 67-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,113,91,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 67-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,125,97,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 68-1 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,125,96,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 68-2 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,127,96,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 68-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,127,97,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 68-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,52,86,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 69-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,52,87,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 69-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,53,86,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 69-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,53,87,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 69-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,66,88,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 70-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,66,89,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 70-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,67,88,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 70-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,67,89,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 70-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,114,84,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 71-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,114,85,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 71-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,115,84,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 71-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,115,85,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 71-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,126,86,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 72-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,126,87,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 72-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,127,86,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 72-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,127,87,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 72-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,54,80,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 73-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,55,80,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 73-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,55,80,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 73-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,55,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 73-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,64,82,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 74-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,65,82,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 74-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,64,80,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 74-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,65,80,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 74-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,66,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 75-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,66,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 75-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,67,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 75-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,67,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 75-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,74,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 76-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,74,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 76-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,75,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 76-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,75,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 76-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,78,80,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 77-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,78,81,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 77-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,79,80,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 77-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,79,81,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 77-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,82,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 78-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,82,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 78-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,83,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 78-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,83,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 78-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,94,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 79-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,94,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 79-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,95,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 79-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,95,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 79-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,101,80,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 80-1 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,101,81,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 80-2 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,103,81,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 80-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,103,80,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 80-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,104,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 81-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,104,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 81-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,105,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 81-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,105,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 81-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,110,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 82-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,110,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 82-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,111,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 82-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,111,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 82-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,114,80,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 83-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,114,81,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 83-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,115,80,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 83-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,115,81,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 83-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,124,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 84-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,124,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 84-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,125,78,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 84-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,125,79,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 84-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,126,82,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 85-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,126,83,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 85-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,127,82,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 85-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,127,83,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 85-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,52,68,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 86-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,53,68,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 86-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,52,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 86-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,53,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 86-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,54,70,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 87-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,55,70,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 87-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,54,68,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 87-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,55,68,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 87-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,59,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 88-1 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,59,67,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 88-2 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,61,67,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 88-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,61,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 88-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,68,68,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 89-1 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,69,68,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 89-2 139,0,1 job_hunte.gat,68,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 89-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,69,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 89-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,76,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 90-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,76,67,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 90-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,77,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 90-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,77,67,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 90-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,82,68,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 91-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,82,69,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 91-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,83,68,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 91-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,83,69,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 91-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,96,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 92-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,96,67,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 92-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,97,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 92-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,97,67,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 92-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,100,68,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 93-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,100,69,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 93-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,101,68,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 93-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,101,69,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 93-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,107,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 94-1 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,107,67,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 94-2 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,109,67,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 94-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,109,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 94-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,117,69,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 95-1 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,117,68,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 95-2 139,1,0 job_hunte.gat,119,69,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 95-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,119,68,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 95-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,124,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 96-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,124,67,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 96-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,125,66,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 96-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,125,67,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 96-4 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,126,70,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 97-1 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,126,71,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 97-2 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,127,70,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 97-3 139,0,0 job_hunte.gat,127,71,1 duplicate(HntTrap) 97-4 139,0,0


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