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Current fishing finishing :P
Oct 29 2014 01:21 PM
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K e o u g hMaki

Hello Maki, i have request another pay out request. please process the request, its been a month for now.
Oct 28 2014 02:06 AM
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RAaAawWrRthenaA! :D
Oct 22 2014 12:13 PM
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Studying Information Systems
Oct 21 2014 07:28 PM
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don't worry, ur filthy mouth can't change the world except it combined with ur filthy hands xD
Oct 19 2014 09:03 AM
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K e o u g hBrian

Hello Mr. Brian, Please process my payout request. Thank you!
Oct 17 2014 06:06 AM
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Damn mouse spoiled when I rushing my assignment. *Annoyed*
Oct 13 2014 11:36 AM
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People PM me and then disappear for weeks, I don't understand this people
Oct 13 2014 06:25 AM
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RIP mapping mast3r :'(
Oct 12 2014 12:10 AM
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    Lol idk you still using gchat or skype?
    Oct 27 2014 05:23 PM
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    i haven't used gchat in a while but im on skype now and then..... i have you as a contact i think.
    Oct 27 2014 10:36 PM
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    Gotcha.. if we're ever online at the same time lol
    Oct 28 2014 08:07 PM
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Sep 30 2014 12:25 PM